Project Supply Chain

Project Supply Chain Strategies

In considering a supply chain strategy to support our clients and their projects, these considerations are at the heart of strategy development at Pangea

• Designing an adaptive and agile supply chain strategy with rapid planning and integrated project management.
• Optimize management for supply, project execution and sustainability, to enable successful project delivery.
• Adopt emerging technologies to ensure a reliable and predictable project outcome throughout the project life cycle, ie, Idea Generation, Pre-feasibility,

Contract Management

Figure 1: Contract Management Process Flowchart

Pangea is specialising in the contracts management space which offers the following services:


Identifying potential vendors/ contractors, requires some form of market research to acquire information about the potential Contractors available in the area that they can deliver the services required for the project. We can assist our clients and perform the market research that will aid in the development of Technical Specifications and Scope of Works by identified Contractors, ascertain freely available pricing information and acquire database on available technology.

Pangea believes and supports local content which focuses on increasing direct employment, local procurement, linkages into local projects, domestic processing of required products and aiming to ensure sustainable socioeconomic development.


We assist in the development of purchase/contract requisitions upon the project requirements and/ or the services needed. Coordination is conducted to assure that each request is well presented, understood and agreed among all the Parties involved in the process.


It is imperative to establish a proper bidding process to maintain project governance and development of the acceptable bid evaluation criteria for ensuring equal treatment. Pangea is with you to guide and perform the whole solicitation process which can differ subject to the type of competition that applies and the complexity of the services and scope of works required. Advance digital platforms are utilised by Pangea to execute the works for and on behalf of the Client wherever they are. The new normal caused by Covid-19 has brought a change with new systems and processes getting introduced into organization’s operation systems i.e. working from home in various parts of the world with the assistance from these technologies and software tools. The whole solicitation process includes RFQ compilation, establishing commercial tracker reports for contracts packages abstracted from baseline schedule and equipment list, generating and managing the bid clarification registers for bidder’s queries and responses and holding bidders’ clarification meetings prior bid closing date to ensure effective facilitation of queries are efficiently attended to.

Evaluation & Awarding

Assisting with the facilitation of the whole process which includes adjudication process, negotiations for cost savings, developing contracts bid analysis together with recommendation award report and drafting contracts. We are here to observe and identify any potential risks and price ambiguity that can be mitigated to avoid unnecessary expenditure on the packages.


We are prepared to hold our Clients’ hands during the execution phase by providing them with experienced Team in support and performing full time site contracts administration works. Pangea has a Team that is well vested to construction contracts management. Pangea will bring professionalism in running various contract formats which include NEC3, NEC4, FIDIC and Bespoke Contract. We perform contract management post-award activities through evaluating and status contractors’ productivity, schedule adherence, contract change management, invoicing and claims avoidance.


We work jointly with our Clients to assess the paper trails and records to conclude the close out reports. Assisting in issuing of final modifications and coordinating completion of contractor performance evaluations.

Procurement Automation & Process Flow


At Pangea, we have identified that the underutilization of automation software in procurement processes is a challenge that needs remedying,

• Complex manual workflows are time-consuming and full of errors, slowing down the whole procurement pipeline.
• In light of this, 70% of procurement professionals are looking to optimize procurement by switching to digital processes.
• By digitizing and automating your procurement processes, you can significantly accelerate procurement, cut out errors, and reduce labor costs.

While Considering:

Step 1 – Identify Goods or Services Needed.

Step 2 – Consider a List of Suppliers. 

Step 3 – Negotiate Contract Terms with Selected Supplier.

Step 4 – Finalize the Purchase Order.

Step 5 – Receive Invoice and Process Payment.

Step 6 – Delivery and Audit of the Order.

Figure 2: Systems Solution
Our System Solutions help you:
Figure 3: Automating Procurement

Additional Considerations to Automation:

• Increased efficiency in your procurement system is to use automatic routing to direct procurement documents to approvers who can sign documents online using e-signatures.
• Track your spending and make more efficient purchasing decisions, particularly in large organizations with many moving parts.
• Automatic notifications alert approvers to new documents that need signing, while automatic reminders prevent approvers from forgetting to sign.

In short, automation ensures that the procurement process runs smoothly and isn’t hampered by bottlenecks and its no wonder digitization of the procure-to-pay process is at the heart of our offering at Pangea.

Technology enabled delivery

Automated Contract Management

The world is continuously evolving in every aspect of life which impact the business operation processes & services. We have witnessed Covid-19 bringing every industry to a standstill resulting the organisations to downsize their resources and outsource certain parts of their services so that the organisations can focus on their core business. Covid-19 caused disruption to supply chain activity patterns and created the basis for new normal.

Pangea’s project supply chain is customized to close the gap & accommodate a particular Client’s model and to successfully fulfil its objective. The new normal caused by Covid-19 has brought a change with new systems and processes getting introduced into organization’s operation systems i.e. working from home in various parts of the world with the assistance from technology, etc. Pangea offers the Clients with refined & smart thinking approaches to ease the Client’s supply chain pressure by exploiting digitalization that provides new revenue and value producing opportunities. The automated system called CEMAR, utilizes Client’s time better & enable the Client to concentrate on the most important tasks.

Overview of Contract Management Software – Cemar

CEMAR is a digital contracts management tool to streamline the Project. It is a cloud-based contract management solution for NEC 3, NEC4 and other forms and is a key delivery platform utilized by Pangea in managing contracts. It has tailored workflows for all core NEC3, NEC4 & FIDIC procedures which adheres to communication compliance related to clauses, appropriate verbs, defined terms and actions. All the information needed to support the Project Management Team is captured in one system which will assist the Team to absorb the pain of lengthy, paper-based administration. Project governance is the order of the day thus CEMAR maintains the process-orientated governance, allows delegated authorities for approvals and has financial & time limits.

Aim & Benefits

CEMAR together with Pangea super-users are able to generate various reports and customized dashboard tool in accordance with Client’s requirements that track communication and contract performance. It allows a quick access to extensive events log, communications archive and governance audit trail which is imperative to maintain good governance in a project by which organizations are directed, controlled, and held to account. Pangea thrives to achieve greatness when good governance principles and practices are applied throughout the whole project/ organization to preserve and strengthen stakeholder confidence. It is an ISO27001, 9001 accredited system.

In addition, CEMAR provides reminders, countdowns and alerts to keep the Project Management Team aware of outstanding actions. It has Superuser model for extensive help & support.

CEMAR is right at your fingertips which is compatible with tablet and mobile devices. Its easily reachable and be used wherever you are


The contractual data is securely stored and regularly backed-up with comprehensive access controls.
CEMAR infrastructure is protected by Sophos Cloud Endpoint Security and Control. Its supported browser are: Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Chrome and Safari 9+.

Pangea’s Services Offering in the Procurement Process:

Procurement Systems & Technology 
Stakeholder Engagement Sustainability/CSR/Ethics/Security/Risk Assessment/Mitigation Continuous improvement People & Skills innovation 

Define Business Needs & Develop Specification

• Involving cross – functional stakeholders gives you a wide range of expertise to develop a comprehensive, high level specification.
• Engaging stakeholders at this early stage means they will support the change process where stakeholder buy in is required.

Market Analysis & Make or Buy Decision

The next stage is to conduct the market opportunity analysis research to assess the market options available in the marketplace.
• Scoping out your spend and current positioning and dynamics of the marketplace helps you identify potential supplies and degree of competition.

Develop the Strategy & Plan

Develop a strategy and plan, which should consider the potential impact of the external environment.
• Conducting a competitive tender is a good idea if there is competition and you are well positioned to leverage the market.
• Developing competition in the marketplace or bringing this in house may be a better strategy if you are reliant on one sole source of supply.

Pre-Procurement Market Test & Engagement

The pre-procurement process includes identifying both stakeholders and business needs, and how changes to implement the procurement strategy can meet those needs flexibly.
• Conducting market testing or a strategy test will help identify if it is the right time to go into the marketplace.

Develop Documentation – RFQ & Detailed Spec

Its key to spend time developing the tender documents, including a detailed breakdown of the volumes, service level agreement and terms and conditions.
• Create a detailed specification to ensure consistency on pricing, product quality, and operational functionality.
• Distinguish in your specification between product requirements and requirements and preferences.

Supplier Selection to Participate in Tender

Conducting a request for information (RFI) at this stage in the procurement cycle will help to gain insights into suppliers: size, capabilities, financials, strengths and weaknesses.
• Assessing the criteria can help you determine if they should be included in the tender process and receive a Request for Quotation (RFQ).
• Ranking the performance qualifiers against the business needs with key stakeholders is a useful exercise at this stage.

Issue Tender Documents

• Issuance of an invitation to tender (ITT) and request for quotation (RFQ) to selected suppliers to participate.
• Including the detailed specification and documentation developed around the business requirements, along with clear timescales to respond

Bid & Tender Evaluation & Validation

• Pangea ensure’s your tender evaluation is structured, disciplined and transparentby exploring price comparisons alongside technical capability, capacity, quality and financial health.
• Post tender negotiation often takes place, along with reference and credit checks, or supplier visits, technical audit, product sampling or trial.
• Consider whole life costs, including decommissioning, removal or disposal.

Contract Award & Implementation

This forms part of the foundation to manage the contract and relationship effectively.
• Award criteria offers agreed terms and conditions to minimize contractual risks and exposure when doing business.
• The communication and implementation process sets out clear timescales and parameters on both sides, including relevant stakeholder groups to effectively manage the implementation and contract management.

Warehouse, Logistics & Receipt

• Product coding and classification.
• Expediting Services

Contract Performance & Improvement

• Contract performance should be monitored and reviewed at agreed periods against key performance indicators (KPIs).
• Set out KPSIs in the contract.
• The contract review should include discussions on how the relationship is working and resolve any conflicts with agreed actions and timescales.
• Discuss plans for continuous improvement and set the next review date.

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