Category management

Category Management involves segmenting spend into different areas which enables opportunities for consolidation and focus. This takes procurement beyond the purchase of individual goods to create a longer term strategy, based on analysis and insight, to drive performance and economies of scale

Purchasing & Strategic Sourcing

The value of equipment and materials is enhanced when purchase orders are placed with the right vendors. We work closely with you and project teams, confirming that they enter into agreements that effectively manage cost, schedule, and risk in an ethical and responsible manner.

Strategic Sourcing evaluates all of the wider aspects of key suppliers’ delivery, such as their true pricing, workflows and components, as well as the supply locations and warranties. Our consultants also review options outside of current suppliers, including future technology and prototypes. Backed with this information, clients can make insightful decisions on procurement from single or multiple suppliers.  Asset owners are under relentless pressure so we help drive the best value for money with suppliers and products from emerging economies. We develop, maintain, and provide sourcing expertise for projects including suppliers, sourcing categories, sourcing countries, project locations, and project types.

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