Dispute Avoidance & Claim Management

No two construction projects are alike—plans, specifications, site conditions, construction methods, the disciplines involved and the goals of the participating parties all vary. Today’s projects are more complex, the technology more advanced and the trades working on them more specialized. The handshake agreement of the past is gone, replaced by a complex set of documents governing the parties’ dispute that, more often than not, seek to dictate solutions to disputes through the imposition of unilateral obligations. A recommended approach is for project stakeholders to jointly identify current and future risks and then to work on ways to avoid them or to blunt their impact. Pangea is well placed to support stakeholders facilitate this and achieve desired outcomes.

Dispute avoidance requires acute professional objectivity and forensic skills. These are brought to bear by:

> Providing authoritative advice on contracting frameworks, based on appropriate procurement strategy

> Preparing comprehensive contract administration procedures

> Scheduling analysis

> Auditing programme sequencing

> Evaluating processes and systems for validating quality and payment mechanisms

> Recommending suitable project controls solutions

Our specialists investigate and analyse the causes and effects of the events that have arisen, prepare submissions and present your case. Their skills and experience are invaluable when analysing contractual liability and causation and quantifying the effects in pursuing or defending claims. This thorough evaluation leads to the best solution for our clients.

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