Digitalisation of Contract Management

CEMAR is a dedicated contract management solution for NEC, FIDIC and other contract types. Created from a first-hand need to manage administrative demands, it has been developed by industry experts and practitioners and is acknowledged by name in all NEC4 contracts. CEMAR Analytics provides a single source of truth for Contract Management information to fully understand your contract portfolio. Drill down into your data and export them to get fresh business insights. Easily generate the reports tailored to your business needs.

Pangea is well positioned to support with the implementation and deployment of CEMAR in your organisation, with due consideration to organisational specifics.

To achieve true collaboration, drive consistency and free teams from administration, a cloud-based contract management system is essential.
CEMAR is a market-leading solution built around events, not documents, and combines industry-leading knowledge and expertise to make sophisticated contract management simple.
Traditional standard forms are reinventing themselves, with a new emphasis on behaviours and collaboration, while embracing BIM and the technologies that support it.

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