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Technology has evolved from a business enabler to a critical driver of business in organizations. Our goal is to help you maximize your productivity, optimize your business processes and future proof your business.

Our Services

Figure 6:Our Services


We follow a methodical process to help you audit, evaluate, and diagnose areas that require:

  • Re-development
  • Optimization
  • Integration
  • Resiliency


We assess the overall state of your company’s digital framework, and then deep dive into specific areas to formulate recommendations for digital strategies.

Our advisory services perform the following functions:

  1. Exploratory workshops to uncover your digital transformation maturity, current challenges, and gaps
  2. Readiness assessment (POPI compliance, Risk Resiliency, Digital Transformation, etc)
  3. Positioning of Pangea solutions and offerings in the form of pre-defined value propositions
  4. Facilitation of specific innovation workshops to take your organization from a point of ideation to strategy.


We start with consulting workshops with you to uncover your digital transformation strategy and digital ambition, as well as any roadblocks you may face. This is followed by readiness assessments for aspects such as customer experience, digital skills and cloud maturity. We can then give you advice on potential available technologies to achieve your digital ambition. In addition, we can facilitate specific innovation workshops taking you from strategy to your business case.


We design and craft bespoke customer solutions, leveraging industry leading technology and expertise.

Our solutions include:

  • Project Delivery Platform
  • Automated Contracts Management
  • Data Protection
  • Business Continuity
  • Information Intelligence
  • Cloud Services
  • Systems Integration


Project Delivery Platform

De-risk your capital projects by unifying your people and processes

We oversee the complete project management life cycle – delivering dependable forecasts, cost control, and performance measurement.

We help increase predictability, minimise risk, and improve accuracy, efficiency and visibility.

We deliver a scalable, robust and intuitive system that harnesses industry best practices and integrates all aspects of a project, including cost and schedule, change management, estimating, earned value, contracts & procurement, and field progressing.

Automated Contracts Management

Streamline contracts management in projects

Ensure high visibility and clarity of decisions taken by each party

Create a vehicle for transparency and good relationships across supply chains

Data Protection

Ensure the integrity and availability of your information – from the edge to core to cloud. Across all environments, physical virtual or in the cloud.

Business Continuity

We design solutions to help organizations eliminate planned and unplanned downtime of critical applications.

We help you protect your systems and applications against data corruption and ransomware attacks

Information Intelligence

We enrich the value of your data assets to gain key insights and drive sustainable business value.

Provide analytics, tracking and reporting necessary to deliver organizational accountability for file use and security

Detect and alert of on anomalous applications or comprised accounts based on data usage

Cloud Services

93.7% of global businesses see cloud as critical to meeting business needs.

Many global organisations have shifted focus towards business continuity, resilience, and the ability to adapt to change. In a bid to deliver upon those objectives, hybrid cloud has become a core enabler of the business strategy.

Leveraging the benefits of cloud services, we can help you automate, scale, innovate and provide agility to your business.

Our Cloud Services



Deliver & Migrate


Systems Integration

We help organizations join critical systems and find the most effective integration strategy, whether it’s the integration of legacy systems or the integration of new platforms into existing operational environments.

Figure 8: Systems Integration Process


We help organizations bring new systems and technologies online as quickly as possible and with confidence.

Our deployment offerings provide our customers with the fulfillment of customized technology architecture designed during our design phase or solutions from our technology partners.

We strive to make your IT investment as productive as possible, as quickly as possible with smart planning and coordinated and consistent collaboration from internal stakeholders and external partners

Our Technology Ecosystem

By collaborating with the world’s leading technology partners, we provide you access to the latest technologies. This allows us to provide specialist technology solutions to help your organization turn its ambitions into reality.

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