Pangea is partnered with quantity surveying experts in South Africa and has customized its services as per the requirements of The Association of South African Quantity Surveyors (ASAQS) to the following scope of services:

  • Estimating and cost advice
  • Cost planning
  • Property development advice
  • Advice on tendering procedures and contractual arrangement
  • Financial control over contracts
  • Valuation of work in progress
  • Cash flow budgets Final account in respect of the contract
  • Act in disputes, etc.
  • Material list and values
  • Property economics
  • Project management
  • Fast track construction
  • Remuneration

Technology & Quantity Takeoff

Step 1 of creating a WBS heavily involves conducting a quantity takeoff. Quantity takeoff, also called an estimating takeoff or quantity surveying, refers to estimating materials needed to complete the project. It requires reviewing the project plans and taking off information related to what physical materials the architects, engineers, or draftsmen specify they need to assemble the project. Quantity takeoffs do not account for other project needs like project labor, overhead, permitting, insurance, equipment, or incidentals. Quantity takeoffs isolate material requirements and render that information into cost-based estimates.

A major part of producing an accurate estimate is centered around quantity takeoffs and drawings. This process used to be incredibly manual, though today, project estimators can use digital takeoff programs like 2D drawing software to identify and calculate quantity takeoff from construction plans and drawings and/or utilize 3D models of projects to save immense time and provide more accuracy. Advanced processes like 5D Building Information Modeling (BIM) have also significantly improved project estimation accuracy. 5D BIM is 5-dimensional building information modeling, which refers to the smart-linking of individual 3D components or assemblies with time and schedule constraints (which makes it 4D BIM), and then also linking it with cost-related information (making it 5D BIM). 5D BIM models enable users to visualize construction progress and its related costs over time.

Together with our technology partners, and utilizing capabilities of Ares Prism system, Pangea is well placed to apply latest technology for quantity survey needs on your projects.

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