• This online module will provide a brief overview of the NEC4 contract suite, when and how to use the NEC4 ECC and its key components.
  • To get an insight into when to use this form of contract, how to put it together, the contract strategy and how it is managed effectively.
  • The course is accompanied by a test to help cement knowledge and understanding gained upon completion.


  • The ECC has been developed for the appointment of a contractor for engineering and construction project work, including any level of design responsibility. It provides a modern method for clients, designers, contractors and project managers to work collaboratively to consistently achieve their objectives.
  • People will be motivated to play their part in collaborative management if it is in their commercial and professional interest to do so. Uncertainty about what is to be done and the corresponding risks and liabilities can lead to disputes and confrontation. The ECC clearly allocates risks, and the collaborative approach will reduce those risks and uncertainty for all the parties.

Learning Outcome:

At the end of the course participants should be able to:

  • Understand the philosophy of NEC
  • Recognise the differences between contract strategies using the ECC
  • Know how to use Contract Data, Scope and Site Information
  • Define the roles stated within the ECC and their responsibilities
  • Recognise critical ECC clauses and processes, in particular early warning, the programme, communications and compensation events
  • Describe how to apply ECC in practice and ensure effective delivery

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