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What we offer


Pangea Professional Services is an advisory practice. We provide innovative, practical project solutions spanning both your commercial and planning needs. We also offer the service of our competent professionals to support the efficient, effective and predictable delivery of your capital project.

At Organisational and Functional Level:

Pangea can optimize your Company or Business Unit project Commercial and Scheduling Strategies, Structures, Processes, Procedures and Tools to improve predictability as well as relative and absolute project results and outcomes on a portfolio of projects.

We will assist your organization to seamlessly integrate your Commercial (Contracts Management, Quantity Surveying, Procurement, Logistics, Quality Management & Materials Management) and Planning teams’ strategies, plans, procedures, tools and deliverables with those of other Functions (Engineering, Project Management, Safety, etc.).

Project Level:

Pangea can at project level advise on:

  • Front End Loading (FEL) or Bankable Feasibility through to the Final Investment Decision
  • Intelligent Sourcing Strategies and Plans, incorporating the capabilities if your Project Organisation, Suppliers and the Market for a particular project and timeline
  • Optimal risk allocation and management through bonding, liabilities, limitation of liabilities, indemnities, bonding, insurance, etc. given strategy
  • Required structures, roles and responsibilities (R&R) and procedures in the PPMP to support the strategy
  • Framework Plans and Schedules
  • Commercial risk identification and management
  • Project specific Procedural Management Plans (PPMP)
  • Change and claims avoidance
  • Requests for Information / Expression of Interest
  • Contracts (non-disclosure, licenses, engineering, study, EPC and Construction agreements.)
  • Approved Contractor and Manufacturers’ lists.
  • Contract / Procurement Risk Register
  • Bonding
  • Budget
  • Quotes
  • Flow charts and R&R clarification for Project Team

Execution or Implementation:

 Process incl. requests for quotes (RFQ), invitation to bid / tender (ITB/ITT), clarifications, evaluations, recommendations, award of contracts and purchase orders supporting strategies and plans

  • RFQs, Instructions to Bidders signed Contracts (EPC, LSTK, EPCm, Construction, Installation & Start-up assistance, etc.) & Purchase Orders (for stocked items and engineered and manufactured items in terms of strategy, including risk allocation
  • Performance Guarantees
  • Purchase Orders (POs) and Contracts
  • Contract Administration & Purchase Order Administration including (correspondence,  enforcement of obligations, guarantees, insurances and bonds, change management, liquidated damages on performance
  • Expediting, Logistics & Materials Management
  • Level 1-5
  • Schedules or Plans
  • Claims mitigation, avoidance, defence and counterclaims
  • Dispute Resolution (Mediation, Adjudication & Arbitration)
  • Project Close out

What we offer


A. Contract Management

Organisations experience administrative and regulatory hurdles in tracking and complying with contracts. With contractual commitments translating into vast amounts of money, relying on manual contract management is no longer viable, as they expose any entity to legal and financial risks.

The Pangea contract management practice brings together a unique skill set of technology, contract review protocols, risk assessment and industry knowledge to help mitigate risks.  Our effective automated contract management framework is based on the principles of transparency, clear governance, absolute accountability and continuous improvement.

Pangea can assist with:

  • Contract governance and process standardization
  • Technology enablement and automation
  • Contract Life Cycle Management and Administration
  • Contract Analytics.

Formats of contract which we support:

  1. The NEC3 and 4 family of standard contracts.
  2. The Fédération Internationale des Ingenieurs – Conseils 1999 First Editions of four standard form construction contracts (FIDIC, First Edition, 1999);
  3. The General Conditions of Contract for Construction Works, Second Edition (GCC 2004, GCC 2010);
  4. The JBCC Series 2000 (JBCC 2000);

B. Procurement

Pangea clients rely on our expertise for timely procurement of materials and equipment for their projects. We have built a global network of trusted suppliers to meet Client objectives, delivering critical items to projects in a timely manner to meet project drivers. Our clients can count on our global market knowledge which represents a strategic view of the capital project market which fosters our skillful and timely recommendations.

C. Planning

We offer a full range of planning services. Our planning capability spans the complete cycle of a project, from concept and Feed through, to detailed design and delivery.  Commissions are carried out by project planners across the spectrum of sectors and disciplines.  Pangea is committed to providing a fully integrated service throughout the life of the project.

Pangea is well positioned to present to its clients, bespoke planning services which takes into account the specifics of NEC contract.  This area of planning has been identified as an area which has not been effectively executed, resulting in an inordinate amount of difficulty for the project teams, and ultimately in disputes. 

D. Dispute Management





    • Dispute Resolution Support

    It has been widely observed that claims and disputes arise even on the most carefully planned projects. How they are handled can make the difference between success and failure for all parties concerned.

    Pangea has assembled a team of multi-disciplinary, talented specialists drawing on the expertise of project and construction managers, discipline engineers, quantity surveyors, lawyers and forensic planners, to navigate through these instances.

    Our specialists investigate and analyse the causes and effects of events that have arisen, and prepare representative submissions.  At the core of the evaluation and consideration is causation and consequent contractual liability.

    • Project Management of Claim

    With a unique understanding of owner organization protocols and processes around claim management, our specialists are well positioned to support in the, “Project Management” of the claim (formulation or defense.)  This entails the appropriate resourcing of the claims team, the management of timelines and deliverable in support thereof, the onboarding of independent experts (Technical, Quantum and Delay.), and the preparation and reporting of status to the respective management forums (Steercoms, Boards and other stakeholders.)

    • Expert Services

    Pangea provides independent advice on matters of delay and disruption, programme management, planning and programming and project management in disputes. Our network of Delay Experts provides independent accurate determination and expert witness services in all dispute resolution forums including litigation, arbitration, adjudication and mediation.


    What we offer


    A. Training

    We understand that continuous learning and development of talent is at the heart of every successful organisation. Our training delivers the best of Pangea’s knowledge and experience advising successful organisations through highly effective seminars.

    Each seminar provides practical, up to date training for professionals, business leaders and advisers. Presented by our specialist, we share our insights and real-world experience, through a unique series of training seminars focused on today’s issues for businesses and tomorrow’s challenges.

    B. NEC

    Pangea has been appointed by the NEC UK to deliver NEC Gold Standard Project Management training in South Africa.  This is the first and only accredited training through the NEC which we are delighted to be representatives of.

    Pangea further offers bespoke NEC training courses which takes into account owners specific provisions and tailors the training around that.  We share our insights and real-world experience, in these engagements which bring a vertical practical aspect to the sessions.

    C. Planning

    As project resources and leads, we all know how difficult it can be to accurately determine the duration of a project, yet that is exactly what is expected of planners on a regular basis.

    Pangea training will provide the delegates with the fundamental elements that must be considered and addressd when creating any type of schedule. The instructor Led classroom based training is held at our office in Sandton, and offers a practical, real life approach to a complex art.

    Our bespoke planning services offering which takes into account the specifics of NEC contract is also delved into.  This area of planning has been identified as an area which has not been effectively executed, resulting in an inordinate amount of difficulty for the project teams, and ultimately in disputes

    D. Resourcing

    It is appreciated that the success of any project is dependent on having the right people on the project.   With our unique knowledge of project set up and execution, and our extensive network of specialists in various fields and disciplines, we are well placed to support with the appropriate placement of project resources.  Our resource pool spread across the various project disciplines.  These are yet again seasoned hand picked individuals.

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    Pangea is NEC Gold Standard Accredited Partner for Africa

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