Synergy through integration is Pangea’s main value proposition since the start of our practice. We are unique in Sub Saharan Africa where we have both project controls and contract / commercial management under one umbrella supported by strong project management and digitalization support. We have got great track record in supporting legal teams, act as experts for delay and quantum and be of support for international expert teams when needed.

Delay and disruption often occur together, but they are quite distinct issues. Delay, as it sounds, is being late. Disruption on the other hand, is a change to the planned working method. It is generally accepted that for a contractor to be entitled to an extension of time for completion of works, an event for which the client is responsible must have had an impact on the critical path of the works — in so far as it requires that the date for completion be amended or that activities are accelerated to meet deadlines. Pangea implements the forensic planning and scheduling best practices and act as delay and quantum experts with focus on:

  • Selection and Implementation of Schedule Delay Analysis Methodologies
  • Application of Contemporaneous Period Analysis (CPA)
  • Application of Causation and Responsibility Analysis
  • Application of AACE International Recommended Practice No. 29R-03 (Forensic Schedule Analysis)
  • Application of SCL Delay and Disruption Protocol (Society of Construction Law)
  • Data Management including data retrieval, processing, and mining
  • Claim and defence statement initiation, development, and presentation

Issues of quantum and delay often arise in construction disputes. The parties, their counsel, courts and tribunals seek clear and reliable advice on these issues. Our Construction Solutions practice at Pangea provides a leading team of experienced expert witnesses. We help to resolve disputes in litigation, arbitration and expert determination. Pangea practitioners know from direct experience what is required to meet the duties of an expert witness. They know what it takes to help the court or tribunal through the presentation of oral evidence and under cross-examination. All of our practitioners have considerable experience in preparing written evidence for use by courts and tribunals.

It takes a clear understanding of the often-complex web of causes and effects to achieve the best possible outcome. Quantifying the cost and time impacts, investigating engineering issues, assessing the effectiveness of project management, and analysing delay, disruption and damages – all require specialist expertise. Our multidisciplinary expert service streamlines and improves the entire dispute resolution process.

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