Building Information Modelling (BIM) is an intelligent protocol that utilizes the 3D model-based processes. BIM is one of the most promising recent developments in the architecture, engineering and construction industries. BIM helps make the processes more reliable and safer. All this spares the Client’s money and designer’s time. BIM builds it for you before it’s built, from earliest conception to demolition. In summary, main advantages of using BIM are:

  1. More efficient collaboration among all stakeholders
  2. Opportunity to research options and scenarios
  3. Parametric control of model objects
  4. Automatic check for collisions of structures
  5. End-result visualization
  6. Adoption of design solutions at early design stages
  7. Optimization and control of objects and assets

In 2018, Pangea’s project controls business unit set this strategy to enhance the BIM competency and add the service of BIM application into the suit of project controls scope of works at Pangea. This strategy was set to service all life cycles of the projects as well as operations. Therefore, with focus on systems development, resource capacitation and active engagement with top universities in South Africa, the following areas of delivery were defined:

  • Scope Verification
  • 4D Scenario Planning
  • Quantity Estimation
  • Conceptual Design
  • Documentation
  • Proiect Controls
  • 4D Planning
  • 5D Cost Control
  • Quantification & QS
  • Clash Detection
  • Detailed Design
  • Documentation
  • Logistics Management
  • Operation & Maintenance
  • Data Analysis and
  • Simulation
  • Quantification
  • 4D Forensic Planning
  • Retrospective Scenario
  • Planning
  • Documentation

Pangea team has embedded BIM process in our design workflow, and we have already observed the advantages. In every BIM debate/discussion, there is someone who talks about how the traditional way of scheduling still could be better than the 4D scheduling. Some argue how easy it is to create the 4D model by simply linking each 3D element with the relevant task in the schedule and having a simple useless video. This is all about a fear to move from the traditional scheduling to a new 4D scheduling environment. It might feel out of comfort zone or resistance to change. Some may consider the 4D scheduling as rocket science, while in fact, it is much easier and useful than the traditional ways. 4D is about visualization, and we at Pangea have exercised it in all stages of project life cycle, from early definition stage till post completion and be of support in adjudication/arbitration stages where projects are complete.

Pangea, pioneering in application of BIM in South Africa

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is an intelligence used to create multi-dimensional models to aid design, construct, manage and operate projects. BIM opens lines of communication in unprecedented manner. BIM is not a software or tool; it is a protocol that elevates the maturity of the project organization and its associated enterprises when used.

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